F&B Attendant

Moxy Frankfurt Airport

what is required?

  • Experience in hospitality is a plus
  • Good knowledge of customer relations
  • Good communication and guest service skills and you have an eye for detail
  • Good command of the German and English language
  • Venturous, humble, helpful and approachable

what will you get?

  • € 2.620 - € 2.751 per month
  • Christmas allowance, holiday allowance
  • 40-hour working week
  • 25 to 30 vacation days, increasing with seniority
  • Pension Plan (Betriebliche Altersvorsorge)
  • F&B discounts in the hotels

what will you do?

  • 20% Resolving customers' queries
  • 20% Cleaning the room after meal service
  • 20% Setting up and clearing the meal service
  • 20% Restocking the buffet
  • 20% Taking food and drink orders from customers




As F&B Attendant at Moxy, you are responsible for setting up and clearing the meal service. The meal service usually consists of a buffet during breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is your task to ensure that the buffet remains fully stocked at all times. If necessary, you provide guests with drinks or condiments upon request. In addition, you take care of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floors, as well as cleaning and sanitizing the tables and countertops after each meal service.

To work safely, you always follow all food safety and health policies and licensing, as well as the instructions and checks that you must follow and perform for certain activities. Likewise, you always provide customer service and hospitality.


During the shift, you usually work with one or two other F&B Attendants and a Front Office Supervisor/Shift Leader.

For this position it is mandatory to have an eligible visa to work full-time in Germany: we do not sponsor visas for this role.

“You come across a dissatisfied guest in the hotel restaurant. What do you do?

When you see a guest that seems angry or upset, you start by approaching the situation in a calm and helpful manner. In that way, you don't upset the guest any further. Then, you try to find out what has caused them to be unhappy. For example, the guest may be dissatisfied because the buffet is insufficiently replenished. Once you have asked or figured out what is wrong, if possible you try to solve the problem. You supplement the buffet or you check if you can offer alternative food and drink options for the guest if necessary. If you are not able to solve it immediately, you clearly inform the guest what steps you will take to deal with the problem as best you can.


At Moxy, you get the opportunity to follow in-house training programs. There are also promotion and career opportunitites in the hotel and within the hotel group, as well as cross-national experience opportunities through transfers.

Career Path

  • F&B Attendant
  • F&B Front of House Agent


You are applying for the job F&B Attendant at Hotel Co 51 Germany (HCGR.MFE.216).
Are you eligible to work in Germany?
Are you eligible to work in Germany?
Describe your visa status

If you enjoy providing customer care and being hospitable, and you find it challenging to keep the buffet running smoothly at all times, then this is the job for you.